V. Female - aged 48- General fatigue, stress

Having regular reflexology allows me to enjoy life and do the things I want to do. My energy levels are increased and sustained, I have a sense of wellbeing and can live life to the full. I have had reflexology for many years and now attend on a monthly basis as this keeps my energy levels topped up. I also suffer with my hip and upon receiving Vertical Reflex Therapy noticed an immediate improvement.

S. Male - Aged 40 - Anxiety

Reflexology has helped me overcome depression, anxiety and high blood pressure by helping me to relax… you can’t help but relax during treatment. It helps your body to re-balance itself. It has also helped with aches and pains. I would recommend anyone give it a try at least once!

D. Male - aged 34 - Stress

It is so relaxing and stops me felling as stressed. My energy levels have increased also.

S. Male - aged 37 - Knee problems

I had problems with my knees due to playing football. The discomfort had continued for about 7 weeks . I had 5 minutes of VRT followed by 45 minutes of normal reflexology. When the treatment had finished the pain in my knees had virtually gone. I have top up treatments every few weeks just to keep the problem at bay.

M. Female - aged 82 - breathing difficulties due to long term asthma

I have been having treatments now for about 2 months. I can feel my breathing improve as the treatment is being done. I have much more energy and am more at peace with myself.

L. Male - aged 61 - Back pain

I have suffered with back pain for many years and reflexology really helps to alleviate the pain, especially the VRT. I have much more mobility and movement.

P. Female - Aged 60 - Dry scalp - tension

Indian head massage helped my dry scalp as well as the tension in my neck and shoulders. I also used to suffer from recurrent tension headaches which were a real problem but they have now gone

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