Head Massage..


It is a treatment that has been practised in India as a traditional family ritual for thousands of years. It is based on the ancient system of medicine called Ayurveda, which is recorded as the oldest Indian healing system. Ayurveda, when transcribed means 'The science of life and longevity' and it's approach is the balance of body, mind and spirit.

The Westernised version of the massage includes not only the head but the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms, making it an excellent de-stressing programme for the whole body.


Indian Head Massage is a very relaxing and soothing therapy and can help with many ailments, including stress, and stress related disorders. Although it only involves the upper body, the benefits can be widespread as it works on both physiological and psychological levels.

  • headaches/migraine
  • stress/anxiety
  • improved hair condition
  • improved skin tone
  • muscular tension
  • pain relief
  • eye strain
  • poor concentration
  • lethargy
  • high blood pressure
  • insomnia
  • muscle spasms

As with Reflexology, it is important to consult your Doctor if you are under his supervision to monitor your condition/medication.


Before a treament, a medical history is taken. You remain in a seated position in a comfortable chair during treatment whilst the therapist works on your back, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and lastly, face, The massage is very versatile in that it can be done directly onto the skin or through the clothes. The use of oils is optional although it does enhance a treatment. If oils are used on the hair, it is advisable, if at all possible, to leave it on for a few hours to nourish the scalp and hair. Apply shampoo to the hair before water when washing to help emulsify the oil.

Some people experience slightly achey muscles after treatment for a short period but this is a good sign that treatment is working and toxins are being released.

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